If Your Skin Is Oily, Here Are 12 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

If Your Skin Is Oily, Here Are 12 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

If you have oily skin you may have noticed while heading outdoors and even indoors even with a little heat or sometimes without heat your face looks like a kind of fried chicken full of oil and redness sticky all around and all your makeup is worn out and melted away, we are here with some very easy and useful tips and tricks to make your makeup stay all day long and for your skin to be oil-free and fresh all day.

1. Exfoliate

First of all, in any case, make sure you exfoliate your face at least once a week, use a gentle and good cleanser that matches your specific skin type and that keeps your skin healthy after exfoliation. You can also wear a mask or a peel once a week to make sure that your skin doesn’t have any dead cells on it or any dirt and grime accumulated, exfoliation keeps your skin soft and takes off all the dead skin cells. If you do not have any exfoliant with you, there are a lot of hacks available, try them.

2. Hydrate

You do not only have to moisturize your skin but also have to keep it hydrated make sure to use such products that have ingredients like hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, it draws water into your skin to some extent and helps to prevent moisture loss, this acid moisturizes your skin from beneath and as well as from surface and when your skin is evenly hydrated and supple inside out your oily glands have really less chance of going overflown.

3. Wear waterproof mascara

Even if waterproof mascara is not your choice and priority because it becomes so annoying and the eyelashes become so clumpy when it comes to getting off the waterproof mascara but with oily skin type if you want to wear mascara for a longer period of time, the waterproof ones are the best option, it avoids melt outs of mascara on the face and all the clumsiness caused by it, waterproof mascaras are best options for oily skin.

4. Use a mattifying primer

While having an oily face it becomes so difficult for you to apply makeup because makeup just keeps off slipping off your face and pores just do not vanish even with your high coverage foundation. So, for this problem instead of directly applying your foundation to your face first of all apply primer specifically a matte primer and then apply your foundation, it will give you full coverage, a matte plus natural look, and will also keep your makeup intact and will keep it from slipping.
Even if you are not going to wear makeup and heading outdoors, apply primer, it will still give you a flawless matte and natural look.

5. Translucent setting powder

To give your face a more natural yet matte look make sure to apply translucent powder on your face, it will give a matte look and a natural glow and also after the application of foundation you can use translucent powder for a better settlement of foundation and setting powder along with primer will give your face a really matte look and for a longer period of time. Also at the end of your makeup, you can apply setting powder to give your makeup a really thick look along with a matte finish.

6. Look for foundations that say they are long-wearing

As you have oily skin, make sure you stay away from products that have oil or oils in the ingredient list as your skin has a lot of oil already so keep a distance from oily products. Use such foundations and skincare products that have specific formulas regarding oily skin types and such products lack oils so that it does not overburden your skin with oil and keep your makeup oil-free.

7. Don’t apply thick layers of concealer or foundation.

If you want a natural look and glow do not overdo your foundation and your concealer too many layered applications of products can cause your products to crease out on your face. Only redo your makeup where you want more coverage, cream products, and liquid foundations can look to be creased when overdone in heavy layers, apply your product in light layers and less number of layers, when you overdo and apply your product excessively, you can have a cakey look.

8. Set up your face with another layer of powder

If you set your face with an extra top coat of translucent setting powder after you have done your makeup it can help for things to stay in their place for a longer period of time. If you do not have time for time to time touch-ups of makeup just try this extra top layer of setting powder.
To make sure your liquid foundation doesn’t crease out so damn easily make sure to topcoat your foundation with setting powder at the end of your makeup routine especially on the places where your face gets oily.

9. Setting spray

Honestly, Setting sprays are a must for oily skin, and especially if you want extra protection you must spray your face with a setting spray at the end of your makeup if you have a long day ahead make sure to have a pocket-size setting spray with you, these sprays give a guaranteed long wear to makeup for oily skin type.

10. Line your lips with a lip liner to keep lipstick in place.

Lining your lips is not just for fuller look and ombre makeup but also it rescues and preserves your lipstick to bleed away especially when your lipstick starts to fade away, make sure you apply a fine lip liner to your lips before applying lipstick it will surely do you wonders for your lipstick if you have issues with bleeding out lipstick every time.

11. Carry blotting papers to pat, not swipe

If you have oily skin and you sweat out oil all day blot your skin with blotting paper, blotting paper helps to take away all the excess oil and blot from your skin and the shine caused by it and also take the excess and unwanted product from your face, don’t wipe or swipe your face with blotting paper use it in a gentle tapping motion to pick up excess product and oil along with sweat.

12. Don’t touch your face

Avoid to touch your face with your hands all the dirt and grime from your hands and fingers accumulate on your face and get into your pores, this can cause irritation and while itching you can get to hurt your skin and break your skin cells, once you get rid of this bad habit you will be shocked to see that makeup stays longer and your skin remains its health.
Hope their tips were helpful for you to sustain your makeup for longer period of time, which one is your favorite let us know in the comment section.

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