15 Best Life Hacks To Get You Through Winter

15 Best Life Hacks To Get You Through Winter

Winter is a hard and tough time for many people the nights are long and cold the weather is at its peak and coldness is extreme and everyone has to know some little tricks to get through winters here we have some ways for you to handle winters in a better way

1. Socks on the Go!

Socks are a must for winter where ever you go whatever you are doing just pack an extra pair of socks with you because your socks can get wet and sticky when you head out in snowy weather so it is best to keep extra socks with you

2. Use energy from the Sun.

While daytime open your curtains and lift your blinders so that you can take fresh light and air from the sun in winters it is best recommended to take heat and Vitamin D from sunlight and also close the curtains and shut the blinders at night to trap in the heat of heating systems

3. Dress in Layers!

Wear wool sweaters, long leggings, socks, jackets, and blankets too make a habit of wearing clothes in layers so that you will keep your heat temperature at its lowest possible it will save much much energy and will also help you to gain immunity against cold weather

4. Don’t smoke or drink coffee before shoveling.

Before moving ice or ice effected objects avoid to have coffee or tea as caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and they can add extra stress to your heart, so avoid it

5. Learn to walk like a penguin.

While walking on icy walkways it is the best way to walk like a penguin stretch your feet slightly out and your arms to take short and small steps just like a penguin so there is no way for you to fall apart

6. Easy deicer.

The night before freezing temperature rub a half-cut potato on your windscreen the sugar in potatoes will create a barrier over the window and prevents ice formation so in the morning after freezing temperature, you will not have to scrape off the ice just rinse off and get rid of ice

7. Gas up!

In winters it is best to keep a half tank of fuel with you all the time because firstly it will help you to not get stranded anytime and secondly the gas in the tank will help it to not get freeze and affect the engine and gas pipes

8. Frost-free mirrors.

Put on plastic bags on your car mirrors at night so that in the morning there is no ice on them you can use it over and over

9. Get some traction!

Wrap your car floor mats on the tyers to get some fraction against snow or you can place your mats when your tires are spinning on snow it is the best and immediate remedy for frictionless tires on snow. Place the mats back after using

10. Frozen locks?

If you are having a problem of frozen locks just put a few drops of sanitizer on them the isopropyl alcohol in sanitizers that are good in killing germs is also really good in lowering the freezing temperature and can melt the inside of a lock-in less than 30 seconds

11. save your skin

try to skip your long and very hot showers instead of this take short and lukewarm showers this will maintain your skin’s mineral level and will also save your time along with combatting dry skin

12. No ice scraper?

You can use an old gift card or any other card from your wallet as an alternative for ice scrappers

13. Grab a roll of duct tape and keep it in the car.

Duct tape is a universal adhesive for every broken thing but is works as a good fire starter as well it is really fired catchy and inflammable and can help you to get fire in an emergency

14. No more icy walkways.

Sprinkle some leftover coffee grounds on the walkways which are freshly shoveled this will increase the traction and will lower the risk of slipping this is the most natural and environmentally friendly way to deal with icy tracks

15. keep pipes from freezing,

to keep your pipes from freezing keep them in insulation or just simply wrap some newspapers around them and wrap some plastic over it this will keep the moisture away

so these were some basic winter hacks as winters are soon to arrive do try these at home stay safe and also keep supporting. Do let us know which one was the best out of all tips and tricks in the comment section below. Keep smiling and have a good day ahead

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